‘Gotham’ 2×10 – Gordon searches for the Brotherhood

gotham 2_10_1

In the last episode, Gordon continues to try and take down Theo while Nygma and Penguin form an unlikely bond. Tabitha takes it upon herself to try and kill Gordon, but the people she hires fail miserably. Nygma and Penguin form a kinship and Penguin gets the will to live knowing that he’s invincible. In this week’s episode, ‘The Son of Gotham’, Theo gets released from prison and begins his final plan to take down Bruce and Gordon.

The show begins with Gordon going to Parks’s funeral and feeling responsible for it because he didn’t kill the man. He knows that something bad is going to happen with Theo and considering the past, it’s a very good feeling.

The Brothers begin their ‘cleansing’ of Gotham. Gordon and Bullock think that Theo is involved and continue to investigate. They find their sanctuary but it only leads to more questions than answers.

Bruce finally sees the light and with Selina’s help he knows that Silver and Theo are lying to him. Obsessed with finding the person who killed his parents, he risks his life as he tries to ‘lie’ his way into the family to get the information. But Selina gives Bruce some sound advice: ‘The best liars tell the truth’.

gotham 2_10_2

Bruce may be out his league as he tries to get the name, but it leads to Silver being captured. It looks like someone doesn’t like the fact that Theo has been digging into the murders. Maybe this is all a ploy or maybe he really isn’t responsible for the Wayne’s deaths. Turns out it was Bruce that was playing Silver. He hired someone to question Silver and get a name. M. Malone. Is this the beginning of his transformation into Batman?

During the trial, James states that he wasn’t kidnapped but states that it was Penguin. Obviously Theo is threatening James to tell him that it was Penguin and not him. Looks like the bad feeling that Gordon had come true. Gordon goes crazy and it leads to him getting kidnapped. Theo tells Gordon the truth. That he is a Dumah and that he’s trying to get revenge on the Wayne’s. And who comes to Gordon’s rescue, but Penguin.

Meanwhile, Nygma continues to cover his tracks as Thompkins is wondering where Kristen is. He says that she ran off with Officer Dougherty but of course we all know what happened. Now that he knows that she is suspicious, he is going to have erase all the evidence he has, including Kristen’s glasses.

In the next episode, we get the fall finale as Gordon teams up with Penguin as they try and take down Theo before he kills Bruce.

What did you think of the show?




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