‘Gotham’ 2×11 – Gordon and Penguin team up to take down Theo

gotham 2_11_1

In the last episode, Theo gets released from prison and begins his final plan to take down Bruce and Gordon. Bruce finally figures out that Silver is not as innocent as she was playing and gets the name of the person who killed his parents. Theo gets released and begins the war against Bruce. In this week’s episode, ‘Worse than a Crime’, we get the fall finale as Gordon teams up with Penguin as they try and take down Theo before he kills Bruce.

Theo begins his plan to avenge his family name by killing Bruce. He kidnaps him and brings him to his building with plans to ‘sacrifice’ him. Like any story, it all will go down at midnight. This gives Gordon that much time to get his stuff together and find him. As it gets time for the big sacrifice, he starts losing control of Tabitha and Silver as they begin to question his decisions. He gives Silver the task of making Bruce fall in love with her all over again. This should prove difficult considering he’s set to die at midnight. She tells Bruce this master plan and he decides to help her out. That’s just the kind of guy that Bruce is.

Penguin offers Gordon a deal to help him take down Theo. Gordon knows that he doesn’t want to but he may not have a choice. He is going to need as many hands in on this as possible and Penguin has connections Gordon couldn’t dream of having. When Thompkins finds out, she tries to convince him to leave but it just leaves to them fighting. But she may have the trump card to make him see the light. She is…pregnant (shocker there considering she’s pregnant in real life).

Alfred is still on the run from Tabitha as her and her lackies are looking for in the dump, of all things. He finds that he’s in a sticky situation as he might get trapped there for a little while. Things don’t get better for him as he can’t catch a break. But they bring him to the police station and they try and figure out to get Bruce back.

gotham 2_11_2

The big fight during the ceremony is a little anticlimactic as the good guys win in about thirty seconds. Theo runs away with Tabitha and Silver but he has plans to kill Silver. Tabitha doesn’t let him though because she appears to care for her and knows what it’s like to be under his control. She leaves him behind to deal with Gordon and Penguin. Too bad Penguin wants Theo dead. He’s going to be that devil on Gordon’s shoulder.

The fact that Gordon keeps going against Barnes is not going to play out well in the long run. Yes, he may be right about Theo but Barnes is trying to change the way that police work is done and he would be a hypocrite if he didn’t punish Gordon for what he’s done. He’s going to have to pay for his actions and it may not be what he wants.

The show ends in a mysterious way. We go back to that makeshift morgue where Strange (a famous villain from the comic book series if you remember) is using his methods to work on dead bodies. Let’s see what it’s going to mean for Gordon in the future. Another villain makes its first appearance as Mr. Freeze gets his first appearance of the show. He will likely be the main villain for the rest of the season. We will have to wait until after the New Year to see where this show takes us.

What did you think of the show?


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