‘Agents of SHIELD’ 3×9 recap – Ward and Coulson face off

shield 3_9_1

In the last episode, Ward prepares for a battle with SHIELD, while Coulson tries to see if Roslyn is being truthful. She plays the card of not knowing that her boss was really Hydra and the question is now, is she bluffing? Fitz and Simmons continue down this rocky road as Simmons tries to figure out her feelings for Will and Fitz. This only gets more complicated when she learns that Will was (perhaps unknowingly) working for Hydra. In this week’s episode, titled ‘Closure’, Ward puts his sights on Coulson which means that Coulson will have to try and take down Ward first.

The show begins in a shocker as Coulson and Roslyn are having a dinner (with him believing her) but leads to Ward taking her out. Ward promises that he’s going to take out Coulson which leads Coulson to be on the defensive and joining the rest of the agents with a vendetta against Ward. He starts with trying to get all the Intel on Ward from the agents who worked with Ward. Time to drag up all the stuff that happened in the first season.

May’s and Simmon’s questioning leads to nothing new, but Fitz’s and Daisy’s does. Ward seemed to be jealous of Fitz’s relationship with his family and tried to fill the void with him. Daisy thinks that Ward has a hard time separating his feelings from his past with the relationships he had with them. Sounds like Coulson now has some information that he can use to understand Ward. He is going to break some of SHIELDs rules with Bobbi and Hunter because he knows that they will stop at nothing to kill Ward.

shield 3_9_2

Coulson kidnaps Ward’s brother, Thomas, knowing that he’s the only one that can hurt Ward. They begin to find out more about Ward’s past and they know that he’s the only one that can draw him out. It worked but caused him to take his anger out on Simmons.

Malik and Ward continue working on the future of Hydra and having five montalists is going to be a step in that direction. Somehow

Coulson is the key to unlocking that. The first step is kidnapping Fitz and Simmons so that he can figure out how they opened the portals. When Malik tells Ward to go with Fitz to go to the other side but they both don’t know that Fitz has got his own plan. And Coulson getting in just in time might be the leverage that he needs.

In the next episode, we get the winter finale as SHIELD races to get their agents back while Ward races to find the evil on the new planet.

What did you think of the show?


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