‘Agents of SHIELD’ 3×10 recap – The war between Hydra and Shield goes to a whole new level

shield 3_10_1

In the last episode, Ward puts his sights on Coulson which means that Coulson will have to try and take down Ward first. Coulson is out for blood to get revenge on Ward for killing Roslyn, among hurting other people. In this week’s episode, titled ‘Maveth’, we get the winter finale as SHIELD races to get their agents back while Ward races to find the evil on the new planet.

The rest of SHIELD, that is not with Hydra, come up with a plan to save the inhumans that are in the compound and try and secure the portal. Unlike their normal going in guns blazing, this time, they are going to try and be stealthy, with the help of their two new recruits. Simmons is able to help them out by setting Andrew free but by doing that she guaranteed the deaths of all the other inhumans.

Fitz is response for getting Ward and the others back to their home. Nut not until after they find the weapon (or creature) that Hydra’s been looking for. Ironically enough it looks exactly like their symbol that they ‘hail’ all the time. Fitz uses this time to try and find Will and bring him back with all of them. But more importantly, we will find out what team Will is playing for. And that would be team Hydra.

shield 3_10_2

Malick reveals his big plan, finally, which looks like it’s going to be the end of not only Fitz, but Ward and those men as well. Makes sense considering that Malick sees Ward as a threat for the title of president of Hydra.

The show had a lot of twists and turns that we could not see coming. This includes Will being really team Hydra (though this is probably not the biggest surprise. Coulson killing Ward (or so it seems). Of course this could mean that Ward can come back (with Coulson’s hand that he just left behind). I would be surprised if this is the last time that we see Ward, or maybe even Will. What would be interesting twist is if Will is that weapon that he wanted to bring back. Guess we will find out after the season two of Agent Carter.

This is the fall finale and certainly left a lot of questions that we are going to want to know. The show is not going to pick up until after Agent Carter season 2 finishes. That show is set to air starting in January. When the show does return, it’s likely going to leave breadcrumbs of information that is likely going to be referenced in Captain America Civil War, which is set to come out in April.

What did you think of the show?


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