First teaser and premiere date for ‘Fuller House’ has been announced

fuller house

It was a double whammy of good news coming from Netflix. Today they announced the official release date of the season along with first teaser for Fuller House. The show is set to come out February 26th and like with all the other Netflix shows, it should have the full season available then.

In the teaser, you see the same house that we all grew up watching but with modern touches. There is a golden retriever (to represent Comet) as he gets excited when the family comes home. You don’t see anyone but the dog, but you do hear DJ (Candace Cameron Brue), Danny (Bob Saget), Jesse (John Stamos), Joey (Davie Coulier), and Rebecca (Lori Laughlin) talking about moving her into the house.

It’s no surprise that the family would be moving back into the house that Danny lived in with his girls. The show is expected to get a lot of hype as it gets closer to the release date. Like any other reboot, the show is going to struggle with finding its own voice. It’s not impossible, but very hard to do. Disney’s Girl Meets World (sequel to Boy Meets World) is doing well as it goes into the 3rd season.

Everyone in the show is expected to come back, except for Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen. At least as of yet. Perhaps if the show does well, they would be willing to come back, if not then it will be interesting to see how they explain away their character.

Don’t miss out on watching the season premiere of Fuller House on February 26th.

What did you think of the teaser?



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