New ‘Deadpool’ trailer has the hero trying to save the damsel in distress


It looks like we got a present from someone else in the red suit. Besides the gifts that Santa gave us under the tree but we get a new trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie Deadpool. The trailer which released on the movie’s YouTube was announced through the star’s Twitter page. Ryan Reynolds has been doing a lot of promotion of his own and it’s obvious that he loved the role of Wade Wilson.


The movie is not going to be your stereotypical superhero movie in that it’s going to have swears. A lot of them, and it’s going to have blood. A lot of it. In this trailer (which is rated R, so be warned), Deadpool gets his powers as he makes a reference to X-Men. We learn why he puts the suit on and how he plans on saving the ‘damsel in the distress’, even though that’s not the role she plays. He once again goes under the treatment to cure himself of cancer and had side effects that he never expected. He is the same sarcastic guy that we all love but now you can add gun-slinging before that.

The movie has a lot of fans anticipating its release in February as this movie is going to be more for the adults than the kids. But this is the perfect thing for the older kids. We had first met Deadpool in Wolverine, but the Deadpool we see in this movie is going to be completely different then that one. But thankfully, it’s played by the same person. Deadpool is set to come out February 12th.

What did you think of the trailer?


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