Review – ‘The Year of Falling in Love’ by Jessica Sorensen – the plot thickens as Isa falls in love

the year of falling in love NEW

Format: e-book

Format read: e-book

Series: book 2 of Sunnyvale series

Rating: 16+ sexual content, language

Genre: New Adult/ Romance

Goodreads page:

In the next book of the series, we meet back up with Isa as she tries and figures out the past of her parents while trying to figure out her feelings for Kai.

This book doesn’t cover over a large amount of time, but it does have quite a bit of things that go on. First off, Kai is still falling more and more in trouble with T but he doesn’t seem to care because he’s becoming obsessed with helping Isa. It’s obvious (to everyone except for maybe Isa) that he’s in love with her and as we get his point of view, we see just how deep his feelings go.

Isa is torn in so many different levels. On the personal level, she is torn with her feelings for Kyler and Kai. And thank the heavens she finally comes to terms with her feelings for both of them by the end of the book. But of course, she doesn’t know what to do. Because what 17-year-old knows what to do when it comes to two good-looking guys who apparently like her?

While there is an underlying romance to the story, it’s the bigger story that holds your attention from the start to finish. We all want to know what happened with Isa’s mom and how she came to live with her dad. Of course we don’t get the full answer, but we get a few other pieces and another big twist to the soap-opera story that is Isa’s life.

Stay tuned to the series as we get to see what happens now that Isa and Kai are close to figuring out the past with her parents whether or not Kai will have the courage to tell her how he feels. More importantly, we will see the ghosts from both of their pasts come back and haunt them.

Rating: A

You can buy the book on Amazon.

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