‘Law and Order: SVU’ 17×10 recap – SVU find trouble in a high school with two teachers

svu 17_9_1

In the last episode, Benson has to deal with an old case as one of the men she put away is now up for parole. With the show being on the air for so long, it makes sense that we would revisit some of the older episodes and see what happened when an old case comes back to haunt Benson.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Catfishing Teacher’, SVU investigate a case that involves a teacher that is sleeping with three of her students and when one of the boys goes missing, they all are suspects in his disappearance. Meanwhile, Rollins adjusts to life as a mother.

The show starts off with good news as we see that both Rollins and baby are doing well. But as she struggles with motherhood, she is starting to see Calisi in a whole new light as he helps her with the baby. Could she look to him for comfort? It’s not like she’s above doing that. Remember Amaro and the good captain?

Benson quickly sees that there is way more to the story then what they see on the surface. They learn that the teacher, Phoebe Burnap (Kelli Barrett, The Switch), is sleeping with not only Zack, but two other students Jordan (Alberto Rosende, Shadowhunters) and Travis (Christopher Gray). She is using them to get sex and giving them good grades for it. Problem is though that she has no idea where Zack is.

svu 17_9_2

As the case unfolds, it quickly becomes that it’s a different teacher. The wrestling coach who catfished Phoebe so that he could get Zack. Turns out that he’s been targeting boys on his team for a long time, which makes SVU wonder how many victims could be out there. Problem with that is that it’s hard to find the coach because obviously once he caught wind of them he split like a banana.

SVU is too good for the coach as he is able to find his cabin and Zack. Of course, he says that he’s innocent and that he helped Zack. Now it comes down for SVU to prove that that coach is abusing the kids and of course the boys aren’t going to want to testify. When one of the boys, Matt, brings them a tape of him torturing the coach, he finally confesses but obviously they can’t use that.

In the next episode, Benson once again finds herself in a sticky situation as a couple takes a family and now her hostage and she must do some quick thinking to get out of there alive.

What did you think of the show?

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