‘Shadowhunters’ 1×1 – Clary finds out that there is a whole other world out there


The Shadowhunter show is based on the NY Times best-selling book series, The Mortal Instruments, by Cassandra Clare. There has been a lot of hype surrounding this show as the series is getting a reboot after the movie didn’t do as well as expected. There is a whole new cast but with the same storyline. Fans will likely compare the two as they all have their opinions on how the movie came out and how the show is going to come out. The best thing to do with this show is to give it the ole 5-episode try because the first episode might not be what you want, but by then, the characters should all be introduced and the development should begin. Fans of the series know how complex each character is, as Clare not only developed the main characters (Jace, Clary, Simon, Isabelle, Alec) but also the secondary characters (Jordan, Luke, Magnus). If done well, this show can have the legs to make it as long as ABC Family’s other long-running show, Pretty Little Liars. If not, it might end up like the movie. Cancelled.

In the series premiere, 18-year-old Clary is enjoying her life in New York with her best friend Simon but she quickly sees that there is this whole other world that she knows nothing about. The world of Shadowhunters. We get a first look at the core characters of the series in this show as fans will of course compare the movie to the show.

The show opens eight hours in the future where Jace, Alec, and Isabelle are going after a demon and when Jace bumps into Clary, who can see him. Ah shocker. Well at least it is for him because ‘mundanes’ aren’t supposed to be able to see him. Eight hours in the past, Clary learns that she is going to the Brooklyn Art of Design before we get our first look at Simon. The nerdy best friend who is going to make all the girls swoon because he is awesome. You may not see that right now, but you will come the end of the series.

We get the sense that something big is happening now that it’s Clary’s 18th birthday. Luke and Jocelyn are able to let the audience know like ‘hey’ there is a reason why she got the stele and why we need to talk to her. But obviously she is going to think it’s not that big of a deal. But things get really weird at PanDEMONiom. She witnesses three incredibly good looking people kill another incredibly good looking person. Perhaps jealous of all the prettiness. Explains why Clary got the heck out of dodge.

shadowhunters 1_1_1

Things don’t get easier for her as she finds out that her mom’s been lying to her but she can’t find out what it is as her mom sends her away so she can fight off The Circle. She does for a bit before falling into a deep sleep. Obviously she is pretty desperate to keep Valentine from finding the Mortal Cup. Hopefully Luke can help Clary (or not considering she just heard that he didn’t care if she was killed).

Jace comes to the rescue when Clary finds out that her mom was kidnapped and she gets attacked by Dot aka a shapeshifter. He brings her back to the institution where she gets better and the hate/hate relationship with Alec begins. Jace explains to her the world of Shadowhunters and his obsession with her begins. Which gets complicated when Clary brings Simon into the mix.

The show does have the luxury of being able to dive deeper into the story that we have come to love from Cassandra Clare. For example, this one is able to show the past and how Clary got her memories erased and how her mother tried hard to keep her safe. One thing that the show does a little bit too much (at least in this episode) too quickly. I think the show is trying to get to a certain point and perhaps are doing it too fast.

This season of the show, we watch Clary become a Shadowhunter as she tries to help them stop Valentine from getting the Mortal Cup and save her mother.

What did you think of the show?


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