‘Chicago PD’ 3×11 recap – Lindsey finds herself in trouble as she looks to take down some burglars

chicago pd 3_11_1

In the last episode, Voight makes a deal with the mob in hopes that he can clear a murder, but Lindsey is not sure it’s a good idea. Lindsey is starting to see that Voight’s word is not held to the same esteem as it was before despite the fact that he saved her from her mother. Her questioning him is not something that Voight is used to, but nevertheless does what he wants anyways. In this week’s episode, titled ‘I am God’, we get the third part of the 3-part Chicago Crossover. The first two parts had the police trying to find the person who stabbed one of their own on the fire department, while in the second part they get called in to find someone who is diagnosing cancer patients with too much chemo which causes them to die or make it look like suicide. The title is a big overshadowing to what we can expect on the show.

In this week’s show, titled ‘Knocked the Family Right Out’, the police look for someone who is after one of their own and does creative ways in order to do it. The case gets complicated when Lindsey gets taken hostage and the rest of the unit have to race to try and help save her.

The show opens up with a house being ransacked but the kicker is, they were able to sleep throughout the entire thing. Must be those gold ball things that kept them locked out. It gets worse when Lindsey discovers some startling evidence that the daughter might have been raped. This makes the case personal because Lindsey will not settle for that young girl being raped and let them get away with it.

She gets a name from one of her old ‘friends’ in her old life and they follow the nitrate to try and find the dealer. Dawson finds that the burglars have been terrorizing the country for a while and Voight will take on the challenge to take them down.

chicago pd 3_11_2

When the unit bring in the dealer, Spencer, they find that he’s not going to be one to talk. Voight has to use his normal methods to try and get answers. Especially after a second home is burglarized. Voight is not going to take to his silence well (as we have seen in the past) and he’s going to use his usual methods to get him to talk before the trifecta happens. The good news is that she saw their faces and might be able to help identify them.

The unit find that they might have a suspect, but things get weird when their suspect ‘leaves’ the hospital. It’s doubtful that she is doing that on her own accord. Lindsey goes to talk to her after Mouse talks to her and we get confirmed, except that the ‘new’ victim is one of the burglars. Lindsey is in trouble…

When she comes to, she finds that she is going to do some quick thinking as Ty looks to make her his latest victim. Halstead and Dawson race off to try and save her. They get there in time as Halstead takes out Ty, Tawny gets arrested, and the third goes running. But doesn’t get very far before Atwater and Ruzek take him down. Honestly, did he expect to get away? Let’s be honest.

Meanwhile, Platt makes Burgess all too aware that she will likely get married before her and Ruzek. When Burgess gets Eddie (Voight’s friend who is getting out of jail) the whole topic of marriage comes up and Ruzek finds that he might be doing something wrong with Burgess. Of course, Ruzek is totally oblivious to the whole thing because he never sees the bigger picture.

Eddie seems like a nice guy and Voight is willing to do what he can to help but the question will remain, will he stay clean? He seems to want to, but it looks like Voight might be the one that will have a lot to lose if he fails.

In the next episode, Eddie gives problems for Voight as he is asked to do him a favor that might create problems with his unit.

What did you think of the show?


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