‘Law and Order: SVU’ 17×11 recap – Dodds has to step up to help Benson save a family in hostage

svu 17_11_1

In the last episode, SVU investigate a case that involves a teacher that is sleeping with three of her students and when one of the boys goes missing, they all are suspects in his disappearance. Meanwhile, Rollins adjusts to life as a mother. The show touches on something that has been a problem with the world especially since in deals with social media and with people taking advantage of situations that they are in.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Townhouse Incident’, Benson once again finds herself in a sticky situation as a couple takes a family and now her hostage and she must do some quick thinking to get out of there alive. Three people are the ones that are holding the family hostage and demand to know where the money and expensive jewelry is.

Lucy, Benson’s baby sitter, tells Benson about the other family that she babysits. Of course, Benson being the cop that she is goes and investigates and lo and behold, she gets herself in trouble again. It’s a tough job to always be the hero but we know that Benson is going to come out on top. Things get quickly out of hand as Joe loses control for the money but continues to assault the family, leaving Benson helpless.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT -- "Townhouse Incident" -- Pictured: (l-r) -- Peter Scanavino as Dominck "Sonny Carisi, Bronwyn Reed as Lucy (Photo by: Michael Parmalee/NBC)

Benson never stops working as she tries, and succeeds, in finding the weak link in the group. Roxy obviously has a problem when Joe is raping the daughter, but doesn’t say or do anything. Benson is able to get a message out and Fin and Carisi find that Benson is inside. Things get out of hand quickly now that the police are involved and since the craziness in him can cause him to do something crazy and kill one of the kids.

With Benson out of commission, Dodds has to step up and take charge and try and help Benson and keep Carisi and Fin on task with their case. They are investigating a break in where the burglar assaulted the woman. That gets quickly resolved and their attention becomes about getting Benson out alive.

The biggest surprise to come out of this show is that Tucker (from IAB) takes the lead in trying to get Benson out. They have butt heads a lot during the show and it’s interesting to see that he’s on her side for a change. When Ralph gets taken in and he snitches that he got caught which means it’s now up to Tucker to talk Joe down. What breaks Joe is when Roxy surrenders. Not really a twist considering she’s been slowly surrendering all show. Joe is all on his own. This is not going to help Benson.

It becomes a battle as Benson and Joe have a mental battle. And Benson wins out as she is able to overtake him and let him get shot and killed.

In the next episode, a young couple have a he said she said as the boy gets accused of raping his girlfriend.

What did you think of the show?



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