‘Shadowhunters’ 1×2 – Clary and Jace begin their journey to find her mother

shadowhunter 1_2_1

In the series premiere, 18-year-old Clary is enjoying her life in New York with her best friend Simon but she quickly sees that there is this whole other world that she knows nothing about. The world of Shadowhunters. We get a first look at the core characters of the series in this show as fans will of course compare the movie to the show. In this week’s episode, titled ‘The Descent into Hell isn’t Easy’, Clary continues to look for her mother while she finds out that Valentine may be the one who took her.

Simon finds out about the Shadowhunter world and like the rest of us (and surprisingly not so much Clary anymore) he is going crazy with questions and confusion. But the best thing to come out of this (at least if you are fans of the book) is that Simon and Isabelle meet and let the courting over six books begin.

Clary begins her training with Jace and the beginning of an epic love affair will begin. Hodge (who is a better looking version of the character unlike the movie) and he helps Clary get the answers that she needs. Like that the key to all her problems is in The Mortal Cup. This calls for drastic measures.

Bring on the City of Bones and the Silent Brothers.

shadowhunter 1_2_2

The City of Bones is just as creepy and mysterious as we had all known it to be. Jace and Clary have a heart to heart about his past. But the best thing to take away from this little visit is the Silent Brothers. They are way more freaking and scary looking then one could ever imagine. Bring on the nightmares.

Isabel is completely smitten with Simon (though I don’t know if she was this obvious at the beginning) but as flattered as he is, he falls victim to her charms and finds himself in trouble. As the Nightwalkers (aka vampires. Yes they are coming back) kidnap Simon in hopes that they can get the Mortal Cup.

Meanwhile, Luke begins trying to find Valentine and Clary all the while trying to figure out what the plan is. He meets back up with Dot and realizes that there is going to be ticking time bomb until he can get the answers that he needs. Magnus knows that Valentine is going to begin looking for the warlock that helped Jocelyn (aka Dot) and that’s why he sends all the warlocks away. Valentine is not the type to ask questions first and then act so he knows that this is not good news for them.

In the next episode, the shadowhunters come up with a plan to try and save Simon while Luke continues to try and find Valentine.

What did you think of the show?



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