‘Chicago PD’ 3×12 recap – The unit look to take down a drug lord

chicago pd 3_12_1

In the last episode, the police look for someone who is after one of their own and does creative ways in order to do it. The case gets complicated when Lindsey gets taken hostage and the rest of the unit have to race to try and help save her. In this week’s show, titled ‘Looking out for Stateville’, Eddie gives problems for Voight as he is asked to do him a favor that might create problems with his unit.

The unit is not sure about Eddie being out and what his relationship with Voight will mean. Voight’s boss is on board with him not joining the team and is worried about Voight’s relationship with Eddie and whether or not he would bring him in if he falls.

The unit try and take down a drug lord with the help of a new CI, Eddie. The man they are looking for is Rory who is hard to bring in because he doesn’t ever touch the drugs. This get hairy and complicated when Eddie does something bold and shoots one of the guys from the gang he just ratted out. Voight doesn’t keep his word with his boss as he covers for Eddie. It didn’t take long for Eddie to start dragging Voight down.

chicago pd 3_12_2

Eddie is determined to get his money to get to Florida is willing to risk anything to make it happen. It proves fruitful as they get the place where they bag the drugs. This is going to be a big selling case against Rory but will it give Eddie more fuel to demand more from Voight? Most likely. Let’s see if this comes back to bite him.

When Voight wants to do something crazy, like go after Rory alone with Eddie, it causes the unit to question him and whether they like it or not, Voight does what he wants to do. Turns out that there is an ulterior motive for Eddie for going after Rory. He wanted him to pay for what he did. He apparently killed someone who assaulted Rory’s sister and he didn’t like how Rory did nothing for it. Voight comes to regret it as Eddie turns the gun on him, wanting not just 10% of the cut, but the whole thing. Too bad Voight is smarter than him.

Meanwhile, the race to get married between Burgess and Platt heats up when Burgess’s mom is coming to town to help them decide a date. Platt is trying to get things back on track for her wedding ever since her dad stated that she can’t pay for it. Ruzek continues to blow her off. Burgess finally reaches her breaking point and she break things off with him.

In the next episode, the unit go after a group of people acting like cops and wreaking havoc on the city.

What did you think of the show?



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