‘Chicago PD’ 3×13 recap – The unit look to take down some phony cops while Burgess struggles with her breakup

chicago pd 3_13_1

In the last episode, Eddie gives problems for Voight as he is asked to do him a favor that might create problems with his unit. Voight learns that some people can’t be trusted, no matter the type of friendship that we have and Lindsey can say ‘I told you so’. The biggest, but shouldn’t’ be, is that Burgess finally sees the light and lets Ruzek go. In this week’s show, titled ‘Looking out for ‘Hit Me’, the unit go after a group of people acting like cops and wreaking havoc on the city.

The show opens up with a scare letting us think that Lindsey fell off the wagon but it looks like the unit was looking into bringing dirty cops who rob innocent people. Or are they dirty cops? Nope just kidding. They are actually people posing as cops.

This brings in all the cops as they try and bring in these guys before they terrorize anyone else. Worst part is that it can come to problems with other cops. Roman doesn’t like how they are left in the dark during the case especially since it leads to both and Burgess getting hurt. At least he was smart enough to not tell Voight how he felt. Not. What makes Roman so good is that even though he’s mad at Voight, he never stops doing his job.

Photo from the episode "Hit Me"

What is really surprising is at the end of the show after the unit brings in the two people who set up the whole deal, it turns out it’s the same man who is looking to find them. Of course, he would have wanted to insert himself in the case so that he can try and figure out how much that the unit knows. Too bad that Voight is too good at his job. But it’s not Voight that takes him down. It’s Platt. She and him have history. And it’s good thing because she is able to talk him down from the ledge.

The best part, as it is with any show, is when Platt shows her softer side. She gets Burgess to open up about her break up with Ruzek in hopes that she can convince her to stay and not transfer out. While Ruzek is working for the intelligence unit, it makes one wonder if he will ever come to reality and see the results of his actions. And she brings Lindsey in for backup.

In the next episode, the unit joins in with Law and Order SVU for a new crossover event where they look for Yates who has escaped from prison and hopes to get the ultimate justice for Nadia.

What did you think of the show?



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