Review: ‘The Hurricane’ by R.J. Prescott – a beautiful story of how love can heal old wounds

the hurricane

Format: e-book, paperback

Format read: e-book arc from Netgalley

Series: book 1 of The Hurricane series

Rating: 18+ sexual content, language, dark themes

Genre: Romance/New Adult

Goodreads page:

In this book by Prescott, we follow Cormac O’Connell an up and coming boxer who tries to have it all with boxing and the girl, Emily. But growing up has been easy for either of them and their pasts come back in full force ready and willing to destroy everything that they are trying to build.

This story has everything that you would want in a love story. A hot boxer with Irish brogue who falls in love with an Irish girl who knows how to give it back to him. The story is set over in Ireland so the words and phrases fit with that location. There were some things that I didn’t understand, but that was more or less the slang. Something that I didn’t mind looking up, especially because it made the story more authentic.

Emily and Cormac have been to hell and back when it comes to their parents, Emily was more physical (though there was A LOT of emotional pain) while Cormac had to deal with his alcoholic mother. They both know that they have a long way to go to be able to get that happy ever after that they want. We get to see them go through that transformation throughout the book as the love that they have for one another changes them for the better. It makes them better people.

Of course, O’Connell is all alpha male that you would want in the hot boxer hero, but it’s that soft spot that he has for Emily that keeps you wanting more. What really is able to get me to like the relationship in a love story, especially for the male, are the things that they say to the girl. What he does to win her over. His words were certainly some of the best words/speeches that I’ve heard in a long time and I can’t wait to see where they take us.

What did bother me about this story was the run-on paragraphs. There were sections that I was reading that took up a page and a half while reading it on my Kindle. And the worst part is that this would happen during a interesting part of the story. Also there was a time when she pressed fast-forward on the story to move it into high gear. It felt like she was rushing so that she could get to the end (which was a little too anticlimactic for my taste) and could have used a few more pages to slow down the pace.

Overall, it was a very interesting story and definitely one that kept me going on. I was rooting for Emily and Cormac right from the beginning and I hope that they are able to get that happy ever after. There is another book so obviously something is going to be challenging that.

Rating: B

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hurricane series

The Hurricane series

The Hurricane

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