‘Chicago PD’ 3×14 recap – Chicago looks for help from SVU to find Yates

chicago pd 3_14_2

In the last episode, the unit go after a group of people acting like cops and wreaking havoc on the city. In this week’s show, titled ‘Looking out for ‘The Song of Gregory Williams Yates’, the unit joins in with Law and Order SVU for a new crossover event where they look for Yates who has escaped from prison and hopes to get the ultimate justice for Nadia. In SVU, we discover that Bronwyn (who helped Lewis escape) helped Yates and Rudnick escape. They are now on a warpath trying to hide from the police.

Voight takes over the case and we know that means he’s going to all in as he tries and find Yates before he kills to many people. He knows that Lindsey is going to be the target for Yates and he tries to sit her out, no matter how hard she fights to stay in the investigation. And when Bunny becomes involved (well at least her phone) Lindsey inserts herself into the case.

chicago pd 3_14_1

Yates of course wants a big finale with Lindsey, which is really something we all want to see Lindsey take Yates down for the last time because then maybe then she will finally get some closure with Nadia. It’s obvious that she is barely holding on and it’s only a matter of time before she snaps. Hopefully with Benson and Fin there she might be able to.

The hardest part for them now is to try and figure out why Yates decided to come to Chicago and kidnap an ex-friend when he could have fled to Canada. Looks like that Yates is going after her parents because…duh..duh..duh, they are also his parents. Looks like they gave him up because he was a difficult kid.

We get a big showdown with Lindsey and Yates and it’s just like he wanted. Alone. Yates taunts Lindsey until she finally shoots him in the head. It’s not as pleasing as I’m sure she thought it would be considering she pretty much did it under peer pressure from Yates. This is going to haunt Lindsey probably for the rest of the season if not more.

What did you think of the show?


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