‘Law and Order: SVU’ 17×14 recap – Chicago PD joins in the hunt to try and find Yates

svu 17_14_1

In the last episode, Rollins returns as the unit look into an assault with many witness who all claim that they didn’t see anything. The theme of the show has been done quite a few times in the past but it is something that still happens nowadays. People will see something but they won’t say anything either because they are too scared or they think someone else will. In this week’s episode, titled ‘Nationwide Manhunt’, we get a new crossover event for SVU and Chicago PD as the convict Yates (the one who killed Nadia) escapes and is on the run and both squads look to bring him down. This is the first of hopefully more than one crossover events that are going to happen this year.

When a case is so severe it takes two squads to solve it. That is the intro that we get for this show as we get both SVU and Chicago PD joining forces to try and take down Yates, the man who killed Nadia. Lindsey’s patience is quickly tested as she comes to New York to talk with Yates about new victims that he might be responsible for. But he demands to talk to Rollins. So obviously, Rollins will be paying Yates a visit.

During their conversation, Yates tells Rollins that he will talk once he gets transferred. Obviously that’s going to be hard. What makes it curious is that Rudnick is staying at the place where Yates wants to go. This is not going to be foreshadowing at all. Obviously he wants to get with Rudnick because he has a plan. Question will be what it is (besides the obvious getting out of jail)?

svu 17_14_2

There is tension with Rollins and the squad as she hates that Benson is blocking her from working the investigation with Yates. She thinks that the squad is coddling her and not letting her do her job. But it might all be moot for now as drones appear at the jail and create a riot which of course makes it easier for Yates and Rudnick to make their escape. And guess who helped him escape? That same crazy juror that helped Lewis escaped.

SVU work to try and figure out that it was the crazy juror/psychiatrist (Bronwyn) that was running their class. I think that it’s high time that she gets arrested before she releases more and more prisoners back into New York City. Wonder what is her fascination with helping convicts. They catch a break, a small one, as they find Bronwyn in the trunk of a car. Guess karma came back to bite her.

Both units tear apart the city as they look for Yates and Rudnick knowing that it’s going to be a matter of time before Yates turns on Rudnick. Sure enough, they find Rudnick bleeding to death in a boat. Did he really think that Yates wouldn’t try and kill him after Rudnick killed his fiancé? And he’s not the only one looking for revenge. It looks like Lindsey is out looking for the same thing.

What did you think of the show?


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