‘Shadowhunters’ 1×6 – Clary tries to help save Luke while Alec must decide the Shadowhunter he wants to be

shadowhunter 1_6_1

In this week’s episode, we follow Clary as she helps Magnus try and save Luke from dying. Simon and Jace try to help but end up bickering back and forth over who is going to be Clary’s hero. Alec and Isabelle get in trouble for their actions over the last couple of episodes, but it’s Alec that gets another chance with the mother while Isabelle is left in the cold. Clary finally figures out how The Mortal Cup is hidden and it comes at a depressing note. She finds this out when Luke tells her that Valentine had killed her older brother Jonathan (the JC on the box) in a fire.

For the smaller plot points, Jace is starting to see something different in Simon and he begins to wonder if something happened to him when he was kidnapped by the vampires. Luke tells Clary about how Valentine turned to the dark side and how that led him to become a werewolf. Max makes his first appearance and shows that he is the one that keeps the family together. And considering how the mother is, it’s obvious that they need that glue to hold them together.

For a full recap, you can go here.

Here is a look at next week’s episode!

In the next episode, Simon finally starts to crack with his vampire transformation and Clary makes a decision on who she wants.

What did you think of the show?

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