‘Chicago PD’ 3×16: The unit stop at nothing to solve the case


This show touches on s sensitive subject as race is brought up. The idea of Black Lives matter and how the case should be investigated even if it was gang related. Chicago PD is like SVU where they have shows that talk about issues going on in the world today and none more apparent than this one. The unit bond together and work hard to get justice for the victim, Noah.

The unit have a hard time doing the case as no one wants to talk to the police. They have to fight through the fog to try and get to the truth before more people get killed. Every time they get a lead they come to a dead end. But they get lucky and tie all their dead ends into something.

As the case gets worked it becomes a case of mistaken identity and then revenge galore. Both sides try to get even but it just creates more problems with the gang fighting. When they finally get the people who shot Noah, they start flipping on one another so that they can get in less trouble. Isn’t that how it always happens? 

In the next episode, Halstead finds himself in the drivers seat as he tries to avenge a friend.

What did you think of the show?

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