‘Law and Order: SVU’ 17×16 recap- Dodds chooses his loyalty


This week’s episode is something that SVU does a lot. They ripped it from the headlines and made it into a show. This show involves a celebrity who is accused of raping a popular vlogger. On the surface it’s not looking like an open and shut case but Dodds senior doesn’t want to go after someone he likes. He uses his power to do everything he can to help Bobby get away with it.

With cases like this it splits the unit. The boys back up the boys and the girls with the girls. Wanting to be right, Rollins does something crazy/stupid and puts herself in situation with Bobby so she can catch him in the act. Too bad Bobby’s got a lawyer and now they can’t use it in court. Barba’s going to have to rely on Kristy. Nothing bad going to happen there right?

During the trial, Kristy has a rough time on the stand as her inconsistencies are attacked. The trial always offers a problem for Barba as live victims always complicate trials. Everyone lies during an investigation and it always comes back to haunt them. 

Rollins made a bold move to get the video and Rollins gets in trouble because somehow it gets leaked. More importantly Dodds junior shows his loyalty to Benson and SVU. 

In the next episode, the Unit look into a sex ring that involves the order which leads to a conflict between Barba and Benson.

What did you think of the show?

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