‘Gotham’ 2×14 – Dr. Strange continues his experiments on Penguin

gotham 2_14

In this week’s episode, ‘The Ball of Blood and Mud’, Mr. Freeze tries to break out Nora so he can save her, while Hugo Strange begins his experiments on Penguin. Freeze becomes yet another person that Strange is going to work his experiments on, but wonder what exactly he has in store for him.

Bruce does some more stupid things this week as he thinks that he can handle killing Malone on his own. He uses Selian to get him a gun and Alfred to get his location. He has no regard for his actions and he doesn’t think about what can come of it. There are a lot of red flags that he ignores and it can’t spell 100% success for him at the end. Matches Malone is not what Bruce had expected especially since he barely remembers killing them. Malone is not what Bruce expected as he seems like he wants to get murdered which leaves a difficult decision for Bruce. Twist of a story has Bruce now living on the streets with Selina while he learns how the rest of Gotham lives.

The experiments seem to be working on Penguin, but it could all be a ploy. Penguin could be acting that way so that he can stop being electrocuted. It certainly would be something that I would do. Penguin gets found sane, he even has the certificate to prove it. He gets released back into Gotham. The surprising thing to come out of this is that Strange’s assistant, Peabody, isn’t totally on board with the decision.

Nymga enters a cat and mouse game with Gordon after Gordon starts investigating Kristen’s disappearance. Instead of being nervous, he gets excited that he can play a game with Gordon. He is convinced Gordon has this master plan against him and is trying to take him down, which forces Nygma to make plans of his own. Will he be the first one he will work his riddles on?

For the full recap, you can go here.

In the next episode, Gordon is back under the microscope as Barnes reopens Galavant’s murder. Meanwhile, Nygma begins placing his riddles for Gordon to figure out.

What did you think of the show?

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