‘Gotham’ 2×15 – Nygma begins his reign as The Riddler

gotham 2_15_1

In this week’s episode, ‘Mad Grey Dawn’, Gordon is back under the microscope as Barnes reopens Galavant’s murder. Meanwhile, Nygma begins placing his riddles for Gordon to figure out. This is the first riddle game that Nygma plays and it’s on Gordon. We know that Kristen is the source of this riddle and we wonder what will happen now that Nygma is embracing his inner Riddler. Nygma begins to insert him into the case and starts trying to create havoc into the GPCD. Well that should certainly slow down Gordon working on Kristen’s case.

As if the new case is not enough, Gordon gets news that Barnes is looking into Galavant’s murder again. Apparently there is some key evidence that is against Gordon, but what could it be? Thompkins is obviously angry with Gordon for once again bringing stress to her life as she has to try and decide what is best for her and the baby. She might not have to make a choice as Gordon is found guilty.

Penguin is loose in Gotham and comes to terms with Butch and Nygma. Best news for him is that he reunites with his father but this guy might be crazier than Penguin. Guess it runs in the family. Of course the last five minutes is filled with information, Barbara awakes at Arkham, Gordon tells Thompkins to leave and forget all about him, and Bullock promises to clear his name.

The show had a sneak peek into Batman V. Superman. In the footage, we see where the war began between the two and ultimately the scenes make a fight for why you should be Team Batman. He is trying to save the world from the war that Superman brought to it.

For the full recap you can go here.

In the next episode, it looks like Penguin is in the middle of a crazy family wanting to kill each other while Gordon adjusts to life in prison.

What did you think of the show?



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