‘Chicago PD’ 3×18 recap – The unit try and find a shooter who attacks a women’s shelter

Photo from the episode "Kasual with A K"

In this week’s episode titled, ‘Kasual with a K’, the unit go after a man who is hunting and murdering women. It’s a show that means a lot to this unit as it involves battered women. Voight and Lindsey take this case to heart moreso than the others which means that you know when Voight finds the person responsible, he’s going to have five minutes with him in the cage.

When the find out who the target was, a woman named Val, they follow the clues and try and find her before she gets killed. When they find that she was a ruse to get into the drug warehouse. Which means it’s only a matter of time before she loses her worth and gets killed. Let the ticking time clock begin. Luckily, when they do find her, she seems not physically harmed. Emotionally, well that’s another story. When Lindsey discovers that she might be the one who killed her ex-boyfriend, she no longer has that ‘victim’ thing going for her.

Meanwhile, Burgess and Roman investigate a person who is robbing people from the new dating app. They decide to put themselves on the app in hopes that they can’t drag the robber out. They are becoming the comic relief of the show when it needs to lighten the mood. This show shows that example. The rest of the unit is investigating some deep stuff, but them arguing over the dating app is funny and gives us time to recover in between the dark stuff.

For the full recap, you can go here.

In the next episode, the unit investigate a young girl’s case as the man who held her hostage did it for surprising reasons.

What did you think of the show?

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