Book of the Week – ‘Walk the Edge’ by Katie McGarry

walk the edge

In the next book of the series, we follow Razor as he struggles with his commitment to the Reign of Terror motorcycle club and his commitment to his friends. He knows that Breanna is not good enough for him but when she needs him, he will stop at nothing to make sure that she is safe.

McGarry’s stories are ones that hold you and never let you go. You know that some stuff is going to happen because that is life, but you know that in the end everything will be ok (even if you don’t like it). What I love the most about her books, is that they are the types of books that you will be reading at night and say ‘ok one more chapter’ ten times in a row. They are the ones that sneak up on you and you can’t help but want to read it all in one day.

You can buy the book by going to one of these retail sites:


Barnes and Noble



Are you going to buy the book?


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