‘Shadowhunters’ 1×12 – Magnus tries to stop Alec from getting married

shadowhunters 1_12

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Malec’, Jace struggles with the news of being Valentine’s son while Alec struggles with whether or not to marry Lydia. Magnus tries his hardest to try and get Alec to see that he shouldn’t marry Lydia. He tries to get Alec believe that he deserves love, despite what Alec thinks. Happy moments erupt at the end of Alec gives in to his feelings and kisses Magnus and it is beautiful.

shadowhunters reaction

Jace and Clary try and fail to not let the fact that they are siblings bother them. There is major awkward tension between the two of them and while Clary tries to fix it, Jace only makes it worse as he tries to ignore it. He is however able to make up with Alec so not everything went bad in this episode.

In Shadowhunter news, Jace/Clary/Magnus go and see Ragnor Fell and try to get him to reverse the curse on Jocelyn. But the mission goes south as Ragnor dies and Jace thinks that Lydia is the leak. Problem is going to be to prove it. If she is the leak, she will be smart enough to hide her tracks and not let them figure it out. Magnus is able to find the book, but it’s with an unlikely source. Camille. The leak is revealed and it’s not who you think it would be.

For the full recap you can go here.

In the next episode, it’s the spring finale and Jace struggles with the darkness in him as one of their own betray them.

What did you think of the show?




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