‘Chicago PD’ 3×19 recap – The unit investigate a kidnapped girl who escaped

chicago pd 3_19

In this week’s episode titled, ‘If We Were Normal’, the unit investigate a case that will keep you guessing until the end. Lindsey and Burgess work well together as they are able to start the case when they respond to a call of a woman stabbing a man. Turns out that the woman is a young girl, Ruby, who stabbed the man who had kidnapped her. And that is only the beginning. They quickly find that it’s not the average run of the mill case as Ruby is pregnant and the man looks as if he comes from money/power.

The unit use that pregnancy to find out who is the man that impregnated her is a real estate agent, Drew. He ‘claims’ it’s a dominant/submissive relationship but Voight of course believes Ruby. Twists keep coming as Mouse finds out that Drew’s wife was reported missing 7 years earlier. Looks like she may have been his first victim. Or maybe she was the one that helped him. When another girl goes missing, she no longer protects Drew and helps the police.

It’s going to get awkward at the station as Burgess thinks that she has feelings for Roman. It’s not going to end well for Roman when Ruzek finds out about it. But it might be good for Ruzek to see that Burgess doesn’t need him. After Ruzek once again acts like 5 year old, Burgess decides to take action and kisses Roman.

For the full recap, you can go here.

What did you think of the show?

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