‘Chicago PD’ 3×20 recap – The unit try and find the parent who abandoned their child

chicago pd 3_20

In this week’s episode titled, ‘Next Step’, the unit investigate a case where a baby is found in a bag at the park.  After becoming a grandfather, Voight takes cases with babies very seriously. It gets complicated when the woman that is mother is out of the country. With the fact that the parents come from money they don’t want to believe their daughter would ‘slum’ with someone outside of their class.

Whenever there are kids involved, it’s always tough for the unit. They all take it personally because everyone knows that kids are helpless. The fact that Voight finds out that his son didn’t want to see him might not have helped matters either. The unit is able to find a whole list of suspects and the more layers they peel, the more they see that nothing is like it seems. The baby was meant to go to another family, but the first family backed out. Was it the mother that backed out? Or is the adoptive parents lying?

The big twist comes when the unit finds out that it was the adoptive family that abandoned the child. It happens to be the son of the adoptive family. He made a mistake and the father is trying to cover for him.

For the full recap, you can go here.

In the next episode, Burgess finds herself in trouble after she shoots a person that she thinks is responsible for shooting Roman.

What did you think of the show?

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