‘Gotham’ 2×21 – Strange continues his experiments while Bruce tries to save Selina


In this week’s episode, “Legions of Horribles”, Gordon looks for Azriel while Bruce tries to find a now missing Selina.

Gordon has a lot on his plate this week as he tries to find Azriel and stop Strange from changing Gotham into a freak show. With Bruce at his side and knowing that Selina might be next he might have to focus on Strange more so than Azriel. Alfred is not happy with Bruce and the fact he got Selina in trouble but he lets him go off on a mission with Gordon and Lucius to try and save her. This is probably the mission that sets Bruce off into hero-mode.

There is a twist with Strange’s plan as Fish remembers who she is, unlike Galavant. Question remains what will be the side effects of her revival. It gets complicated when Bruce shows up with Lucius and they try to find and save Selina but Strange thinks it’s about his experiments. When she is back out she is obviously going to be looking for blood, starting with her right hand man that killed her and Penguin.

Peabody is starting to question Strange and his experiments. She has done it in the past, but she is getting more insistent with her objections. What kind of problems will this create with Strange? It doesn’t stop him as he continues to work his experiments to try and get the same results as he did with Fish. He hopes that Gordon can help him do that.

For the full recap, you can go here.

In the next episode, the villains continue to wreck their wrath on Gotham while the rest try to survive.

What did you think of the show?


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