‘Law and Order SVU’ 17×21 – Brad Garrett guest stars as an officer abusing his power

svu 17_21

In this week’s episode, ‘Intersecting Lives’, the unit investigate an accusation that a commanding officer preys on woman that he is watching in jail. Right off that bat we get three big bombshells of information. Dodds is leaving to go to another department, Carisi passes the bar, and the best news of all, Fin is going to be a grandfather. My favorite is the Fin news. The Dodds news is sad because I was just warming up to him as Benson’s second. Looks like she is going to be pushing Fin again, or maybe will she choose Rollins or Carisi?

With Dodds leaving, that means we are going to get yet a new face for SVU. Since Stabler left, it’s been hard to nail down a cast from year to year like in the golden years of SVU. The show has been picked up for an 18th season so we will see where it takes us next fall.

Now it wouldn’t be a season finale if it didn’t consist of two parts. The first part of this show follows Gary, who is a respected officer at Rikers, who  gets accused of assaulting inmates. Now we know that he is guilty because we see him but everyone else thinks that SVU is just using him as an example. The show escalates as Barba gets his life threatened even though they should be thanking him for taking down someone who is abusing his power.

For the full recap you can go here.

In the season finale, the show escalates as Dodds goes down in the line of duty and his life is in jeopardy as he tries to stop Gary from killing his family.

What did you think of the show?


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