‘Law and Order: SVU’ 17×22 recap – Dodds and Benson try to talk down a gunslinging CO looking for revenge

svu 17_22

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Heartfelt Passages’, the second part finale as Dodds has himself in a dangerous situation as he tries to calm down Gary who wants to take out his whole family.  Dodds and Benson have their hands full as they try and keep Gary from trying to kill his wife. While Dodds tries to talk him down, he gets himself shot and now he will spend some time fighting for his life. It wouldn’t’ be an SVU season finale episode if there wasn’t some kind of twist. We say good-bye to a fallen officer as Dodds doesn’t make it out of the second surgery.

Barba has his hands full as he tries to figure out who is threatening him and why. He thought it was because of the current case, but as he gets threatened again, he begins to wonder if that is the case. With the whole show focusing on Dodds, what’s going on with Barba gets put on the back burner until we find out that he was hired to intimidate him, but we don’t know who. We will have to wait until next season.

It can be considered good news, but there is no cliffhanger ending to this season but we see that Tucker and Benson are going down a road where they can have a future together.

For the full recap, you can go here.

The show is coming back for another season which means that we will get some more of Benson and her unit’s antics. With Dodds off the show, Fin is going to be called on again to be the number two for Benson. Either way, we are going to get a new detective as the unit try and get a squad that will stay long term. There were some ups and downs with Dodds but by the end of the season it’s safe to say that we all liked him. Carisi is slowly and surely getting his own fan base as he makes some crazy and bold decisions but mainly because he is helping Rollins with her daughter.

What did you think of the show?

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