Review: ‘An Act of Salvation’ by KC Lynn – Katelyn reconnects with an old love to save her brother

act of salvation

Format: e-book, paperback

Format read: e-book

Series: book 2 of Acts of Honor series

Rating: 18+ language, themes, sexual content

Genre: Romance/New Adult

Goodreads page:

In the second book of the spin off series, we follow Katelyn who calls on the man who broke her heart when she was a teenager to help her clear her brother’s name who is accused of rape.

This book follows much like An Act of Redemption because it has more suspense and thrilling aspect than the original series. In the two books of this series, the suspense spans the entire book rather than just parts of it like it did for the original series.

Nick and Katelyn have their history and we get to see how it all unfolds throughout the book. We get flashbacks of how they connected and how they broke up. There are times when Nick is annoying and where I was like ‘You are a fricken idiot. Just love her’. I get like that sometimes when you know that eventually the couple is going to get together but you want it to happen on page 1 not, some 30% into the book.

We don’t get to see that much of the other characters in this book that we did in the other book, but we do get to see them enough to make you sure that you don’t forget about them. As always, Kayla makes herself known and makes me once again wish that she would get a full length novel. Katelyn reminds me a lot of Kayla because she is sassy and speaks without a filter, much like Kayla. I’d imagine them two together would just be Hell for Nick and Cooper.

This book is just another book that is going to make you love the series. Nick has got his demons that we get to see him come to terms with and overcome with the help of Katelyn. While his demons are not as deep as Cade’s, there are a lot of similarities that I see in the two characters. They both want to do right by the woman they love and they think it’s better if they are not in their lives. It’s not until they reunite that they find strength and not weakness in their love.

Rating: A

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One thought on “Review: ‘An Act of Salvation’ by KC Lynn – Katelyn reconnects with an old love to save her brother

  1. […] life. He doenst think that he is worthy of love or happiness and considering what we found out in An Act of Salvation with Katelyn and Kolan’s home life, it make senses. But Sophie is able to get him to see the […]

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