‘Uncharted 4: Thief’s End’ Review


In one of the best games to come from Playstation, we get a new chapter in the Nathan Drake series. In this story, we meet up with Nathan as he tries to move on to a life without being a treasure hunter. It has been three years since the last installment, and he is married (to Elena) and working at a good job and everything seems to be going well until **POSSIBLE BUT NOT REALLY** his brother returns from the dead. Now he is saddled with return to his own ways as he helps his brother try and find Captain Henry Avery’s treasure.

Now before we dive right into this review, let’s take a step back and look at the history of Nathan Drake. We first meet him as he teams up with Sully and Elena. They are working together to try and find the Drake treasure. They do, but obviously not without creating enemies. They get a big one in the name of Rafe Adler. He returns and is once again the villain of the story (though after reading this review, you might think he’s not the only one).

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Back to the story. I have always been a big fan of Nathan. Love him. Rooted for him from the beginning. I loved his backstory and I loved that this story dove into his past and how he got into the world of treasure hunting. Surprise, surprise, it was because of his brother. I had a lot of problems with Sam and most of the time, I spent playing the game highly annoyed with Sam. Sam makes very stupid and dangerous decisions that often times risk Nathan’s life. It didn’t help that this game felt very ‘final’ as I was playing it so I knew that anything can happen.

For gameplay, it’s top notch. There were times in the previous games that I would get annoyed with the controls, especially when it came to climbing up and climbing down. There were still times when it happened. There were times that I would jump and miss and then do the exact same thing and it would work. I am going to chalk that up to glitches that weren’t fixed yet. The controls are relatively the same as they were in the other games so there is not much of an adjustment there. The only difference is how to change guns, but you pick that up quickly.

The graphics were better than any other game of the series, but that could be with the help of the new system. It is a lot more lifelike and when you get to the cut scenes, you find yourself invested into the story line that you are not trying to skip through them (you can if you don’t care). I personally like the storyline when I play. It makes me feel more immersed in the world and when you get to the twists of the game, you are not completely thrown off.

Uncharted 4 is available now.

What did you think of Uncharted 4?

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