‘Animal Kingdom’ 1×1 and 1×2 – the new hit show of the summer

animal kingdom 1

The summer time is usually the best time of the year for these kinds of shows to come out. There isn’t that much competition and fans are looking for something addicting and won’t take up all their time to watch. It helps them pass the time until their other shows come back. Looking at the trailer, this show looks an awful lot like FX’s Sons of Anarchy meets Grand Theft Auto and it’s possible that they are looking to grab that audience for this show.

The guys look to be professionals at what they do and they are going to stop at nothing to bring Josh into their world. They feel like they are kings of the world and don’t care who they have to step on to get what they want. Considering the life that Josh is coming from, it’s not going to be shocking when he falls to that life as well. He’s going to use their power to clean up his mother’s mess.

It’s evident that this family that Josh is now working with may not be the best place for him. You can see that he’s got a good soul and living in this household may cause him to go down a rabbit hole that he won’t be able to get out of. Baz sees it but considering it sounds like he doesn’t stick up for himself, it’s unlikely if he will for Josh. At least when it comes to standing up to Smurf.

The first run that we get to see from the team is not as smooth as it would be expected. They are spotted running away with the watches and Craig gets shot. Deran feels responsible because it was his scouting that got them in that trouble. If it wasn’t for some quick thinking, they would have all been caught.

animal kingdom 2

For the second episode, the group has to try and deal with the fact that not only do they have to deal with Craig’s injuries but the fact that they killed a cop in the process. Now they have to try and cover their tracks so that they don’t get taken down.

Smurf talks a lot about how they don’t keep secrets from one another in that family. As the show unfolds, we get more and more of the idea that the family is all about secrets. This episode we find Deran’s secret as he is gay, something that he’s not going to want the rest of his family to know. He continues with the secrets as he thinks about going out on his own. It’s going to be a season of secrets building and then the family coming apart when all the secrets come out.

Pope creates rifts in the family amongst everyone pretty much. It starts with Josh as he still doesn’t trust him and he uses his ability to strike the fear of God in him to make him do what he wants. It continues on with Baz and his girlfriend, Catherine, because they had a one night stand when they were in high school and Baz doesn’t know about it. Could it be that Baz’s daughter is actually Pope’s? Yet another secret we will have to find out.

As the show comes to an end, Baz takes Craig to Mexico to get his arm fixed while Smurf sees that Pope is need of some desperate help. While in Mexico, we see that Baz has his own secret as he has a girlfriend there, probably something that Catherine doesn’t know.

For the full recap, you can go here.

In the next episode, Craig fights for his life while Deran continues to rebel against his mother’s control.

What did you think of the show?

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