Review: ‘Inflame’ by Tessa Teevan – Kale has to come to grips with his past in order to move on


Format: e-book, paperback

Format read: e-book from Kindle Unlimited

Series: book 3 of the Explosive series

Rating: 18+ sexual content, language

Genre: Romance

Goodreads page:

In the third book of the series, we follow Kale Montgomery, Knox’s and Jace’s friend from the army, as he meets Lucy Dawson (Charlie’s best friend) and begins a whirlwind romance with her. He meets her by chance and knows that she’s not like someone that he’s met before and for him, thinking about moving on means more than anything. Lucy doesn’t do relationships, but when she meets Kale, she can’t deny the connection that she has with him and knows that in order to be able to keep him, she has to get over the fears from her past.

Like the last book of the series, this series we get to watch as Lucy and Kale meet and fall in love. They have a roller coaster kind of beginning to their relationship but when they get where they want, the y have to deal with the ghosts of their pasts in order to try and find a future. I love the dynamic of their pasts, especially Kale’s. When we dive into his past, it gets a little stereotypical until we get a bombshell of what happened. I gotta say, that point surprised me and I liked the fact that it wasn’t like the other books that are similar to this story.

inflame teaser

Lucy proves that we are shaped by our parents’ decisions. We see that she didn’t have the perfect childhood, but she had a better teenage life. Finding out the truth between and her dad hit home to me and I liked how it played a role in her future relationships with guys. The only thing that I didn’t like is that it didn’t explain the why to what happened.

They have the kind of relationship that we like to get in life. There is fun and love and they both put each other first. If you’ve read the second book then you know that Kale and Lucy are expecting a child. It forces them to face their feelings for one another and do what is best for the kid. I love how Kale steps up his game and becomes the man that Lucy needs. Kale has that whole swoon-worthy type of guy as he sweeps not only Lucy off his feet but all of us really. It’s hard to say if I like him more than Knox because they each had their things that I love about them. Knox was more serious and stubborn but Kale is the fun, caring, romantic guy that will sweep you off your feet and make you want more.

Teevan’s ability to create characters and a world proves that it’s not an easy thing to do, but when done successfully it can create a great series. We become attached to the characters from the whole series and we get to see them as they work towards getting their happily ever after. I like that we still get to see what happened to them after their book ended.

Rating: A

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The Explosive Series

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