Review: ‘Elastic Hearts’ by Claire Contreras – story of a man choosing between love and his career

elastic hearts

Format: e-book, paperback

Format read: e-book from Kindle Unlimited

Series: book 3 of Hearts series

Rating: 18+ sexual content, language

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Goodreads page:

In this book of the series, we follow Estelle’s older brother, Victor, as he fights to keep his job after falling for Nicole who is not only his new client, but also the boss’s daughter. Victor has made a name for himself as a divorce lawyer and is living life on top of the world until his past catches up with him. He and Nicole had a fling when he was new to the firm and doesn’t like the fact that she is now going to be single.

Like a common occurrence in love stories, the male leader, Victor, is a player who fell for the love of a good woman. He ends things with her when they are 25 because he wants to focus on his career. Understandable, but he continues to go through women like dirty socks and there really isn’t a big reason why. He uses the excuse that it’s because of his job, but for me it didn’t really feel like a good excuse. It felt like a drive by excuse, because he was like that for most of his dating life.

Nicole has her own problems as she falls in love with the fantasy that we all have. Meet a rich Hollywood actor and have him sweep you off your feet. But like many marriages in Hollywood, it doesn’t pan out. Her husband Gabe is that stereotype of Hollywood life. He can’t seem to keep it in his pants. Then you add on the fact that he does drugs and you cover all the clichés. He is like the Ben Affleck of this world, except he doesn’t have a gambling problem. I didn’t like how she was just so willing to jump into a relationship with Victor. Considering how he was and he did treat her after she came back in his life, you would think that she would be standoffish. Add on to the fact that her husband broke her trust in every way possible. But nope. She’s like sign me up for another heart break.

rolling eyes photo: Rolling eyes 02 944a78c2.gif

The best part of the book is those scenes that are filled with angst between Nicole and Victor. Anytime that they are alone the lust and passion between them comes scorching off the pages. It is all passion and anger and longing and it’s enough to make you want to fan yourself. Victor tries his best to keep his feelings at bay but we all know that the longer you deny yourself, the more you are going to want it. Forbidden fruit and all.

passion kiss photo: Passion Passion-9.gif

Reading this book, you can see that there is a lot of clichés for both Nicole, Victor, and Gabe, but you don’t even realize that as you are reading. Contreras has a waiting of writing the stories as if they are real. The language feels like we are all just sitting at a bar talking over drinks while she tells us a story. I may not have liked the characters as much as the other books, but I still enjoyed the story.

Rating: B+

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