Top 5 books coming out in July


#5 – Bossman by Vi Keeland
Out: 7/19


In this new book by Keeland, it involves a woman who falls for a man and wants to hook up with him but can’t because there is that pesky business of him being her boss. There is going to be lust. There is going to be angst. And there is going to be heartbreak. Someone is going to get hurt and it’s only going to be the history of what makes them come together that is going to decide how bad they do.


#4 – Pennie$ by Pepper Winters

Out: 7/19

In the first book of a new series by Winters, we dive into another level of a dark world. Tasmin thinks that she survived death only to find that she is in a new pit of Hell. If you have read books by Winters, then you know she dabbles into the dark side of what reality has to bring us and this book is going to be no different. It deals with sex slavery and I for one am excited to see where she is going to take us this time.

hotttest mess

#3- Hottest Mess by J Kenner

Out: 7/12

Goodreads page:

This is the second book of the SIN series. While the book takes place in the world of Stark International, it deals with different characters. Dallas and Jane experienced something that no one should experience and they are trying to find their road to recovery. It sounds simple until they find that his ghosts are ghosts but in fact demons that are tearing apart his life. Jane tries to be the person that he needs but the father into hell she goes the harder that she sees that it’s going to be to help him.

act of salvation

#2- An Act of Obsession by KC Lynn

Out: 7/19

Goodreads page:

In the next book of the series, we reconnect with Kolan and Sophie as Kolan tries to get over the fact that he almost went away for murder and Sophie just might be the perfect outlet for him. Sophie has her own demons from her past so it’s going to take a lot of strength from Kolan to be the man that she needs. If you haven’t read any books from Lynn yet, then you are missing out. Each book brings you more characters that you fall in love with and this book will likely do the same thing. From what we’ve read from the last book and the synopsis of this book, we are going to get a big amount of romance in the BDSM department. Be prepared for a new master.

Torn Amazon

#1 – Torn by Jennifer Armentrout

Out: 7/19

Goodreads page:

In the second book of the Wicked series, we meet back up with Ren and Ivy as they try and deal with the secrets that they unfolded in the first book and decide if they have what it takes to make a relationship last. Like the Titan series, it deals with love, romance, relationships, friendships, with a touch of paranormal added in. There is a lot of characters that we can all fall in love with, but it’s the relationship between Ivy and Ren that keeps the fans reading.

What book are you most excited to read this month?




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