‘Allegiant: Ascendance’ coming to a TV near you

insurgent 5

Today, Lionsgate announced that the final movie in the Divergent saga is not going to be coming to the big screen. Instead, the movie is going to be made for TV with the hopes that there will be a TV show spin-off. The idea is coming off the success that The Mortal Instruments has on ABC’s Freeform.

This comes as no surprise considering the lack of box office the last two movies in the series got. The series started off a high note with Divergent bringing in $150.9 million with a 41% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. But it all went downhill from there. Insurgent had a bigger budget, but failed to beat what the first movie took in. The movie ended with $130.1 million and a 28% approval rating. The final movie, The Divergent series: Allegiant, was barely a blimp at the box office only bringing in $ with a 13% approval rating.

Riding on the tails of the success of splitting final books in an adaption from movies such as Harry Potter and Twilight, Lionsgate had hoped they would get the same success with this movie series. Unfortunately, that did not pan out. Viewers and fans found the storyline hard to follow and the effects were a bit over the top.

Only time will tell how this turns out but in the end, it sounds like what was supposed to a successful series turned out to be a major flop.

What do you think of the news?


2 thoughts on “‘Allegiant: Ascendance’ coming to a TV near you

  1. Studio can spin it however they want but this has to be a massive disappointment for them. No way did they expect the final movie to be played on television.

    • Kris D says:

      Oh I know. I knew it was going to be a bust when they first announced that they were splitting the final book. The book was a major disappointment and I knew that the movie would be too. Just spreading bad over two movies is just stupid.

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