‘Suicide Squad’ leads movies coming out in August

suicide squad

It is no surprise that Suicide Squad is the most anticipated movie to come out not only in August, but for the year. The movie is jammed pack with stars that it might just overwhelm you. Will Smith alone is enough to pique your interest, but add Oscar Nominee Margot Robbie and Oscar Winner Jared Leto, how can it not be amazing?

Well therein lies the problem. There might be TOO high of expectations for this movie. The fact that there are so many stars in the movie and it’s a movie where the bad guys are good guys, it’s a different take on the superhero world because while we all love the hero, a larger part of us likes the bad guys more. So it’s going to come to this concept: It’s either going to be the best movie or the year, or it’s going to be the biggest flop.

Suicide Squad is not the only big movie coming out to end the summer. Disney is trying yet again to do live-action films for their classics with Pete’s Dragon, but like with Pan, it’s not likely to do well at the box office. There isn’t much buzz surrounding the movie and the large budget the movie had may not be enough to help the movie.

nine lives

Another questionable movie coming out is Nine Lives. You see Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner in this movie and think, really? Because I know that’s what I thought when I saw Francis Underwood turn into a cat in this trailer. War Dogs with Jonah Hill and Miles Teller won’t probably do well at the box office, but will likely end up finding its way to the award shows.

Outside of that, there really isn’t a whole lot of movies coming out this month. This may help Suicide Squad at the box office. I predict that it will fall under the triple digits opening weekend, but be close.

What movie are you looking forward to seeing this month?


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