Video game success ‘Life is Strange’ is coming to a TV near you

life is strange 2

It is no surprise that this is about to happen, at least according to IGN. Life is Strange is a cult hit with the next generation systems, XBOX One and Playstation 4, and is now going to be coming to a small screen near you. Legendary Entertainment and Square Enix have partnered together to bring this game to life.

There is no words on anything else for the adaptation such as how it will come to us was revealed because it’s still in the early stages of the creative process, but considering the type of game that it is, it’s probably going to find a home at Hulu or Netflix.

In the video game, you play as Max Caulfield who inexplicably receives the power to turn back time. She witnesses a gruesome crime and goes back to change, only to find that by doing it she has caused the whole town to fall victim to an approaching storm. The has got twists and turns around every corner and it’s a game that draws you in with every single decision that you make because every decision has an effect, even something as simple as not signing a form.

Dontnod is enjoying the success of the episodic video game and is in talks of doing a second season, though nothing has been confirmed. It was a bit of a surprise by how well the game has gone. The only problem is that once you beat the game, it lacks that replay-ability. Yes, you can go back and make different decisions, but the ending is going to be the same either way.

Stay tuned for more news.

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