Review: ‘Furious Rush’ by SC Stephens – modern day Romeo Juliet that takes place at the race track

furious rush

Format: e-book, paperback
Format read: e-book arc from Netgalley
Rating: 18+ sexual content, language
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Goodreads page:

Enter into the world of fast motorcycles, racing, feuding families, and forbidden love. In a modern day version of Romeo and Juliet, we follow Kenzie Cox, a female motorcyclist trying to make a name for herself outside her father’s shadow in a man’s game. Enter Hayden Hayes, the rival working for the family that she grew up hating. She knows that she should stay away from him but the connection that they have won’t sever, but instead gets stronger with each meeting.

Oh the tension between Hayden and Kenzie. It was so thick that you could feel it as if you were one of the characters. SC Stephens is no stranger to writing forbidden love between characters, having done successfully in the Thoughtless series. And like that book, we have to watch the two main characters try and deny their attraction, but we all know that it won’t happen.

Let’s take a minute and talk about her father. Ok, maybe more than a minute because this guy made me so mad that I wanted to throttle him. On the surface, you would think that he’s just being tough on his daughter because she chose a tough career and that she has to work twice as hard because everyone is going to be counting her out. But as we see more of their interactions, I felt so bad for Kenzie. She was saddled with trying to solve all of her father’s problems and he was so consumed with his life, that he didn’t care about how it was affecting her. Oh and the way that it ended with them?? OMG! I was so mad that I almost wanted to stop reading because I was fuming. As I was reading what he wanted, I used some choice words to describe him and was nervous about what Kenzie was going to do. Because like any child, she just wanted her father’s love and approval.

 photo simpsons_zpsfrnzvi1v.gif

Back to the best part of the story. That is Kenzie and Hayden’s relationship. They are that couple that makes you believe that they really were made for one another. No matter how much they try to fight it, there is a connection there and they are willing to risk everything for one another. And that connection? Let me tell you, it’s just like them racing bikes. It goes from 0 to 100 in no time flat because that’s the world that they live in.

The ending made me nervous on so many levels. When I reached a certain point in the story, I needed to keep reading to find out what was going to happen because I was nervous that it wouldn’t end the way that I wanted it to. And when you think that it’s done, it’s not. There is a bit of a surprise at the end that made me wonder if there is going to be another book. It ended in a way where it could be a stand-alone but there is definitely room for a second book.

Me, I hope for the latter.

Rating: A

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Furious Rush is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and iBooks.

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