‘Gotham’ 3×1 – Gordon returns back to Gotham to find that it’s gone crazy


The last season, which focused on the villains and the rise of them, introduced a laundry list of new villains that are now running wild in Gotham. There was a lot of things that happened in the last season that is surely going to create problems for Gordon and the GCPD this year. The season is being called ‘Mad City’. That is going to foreboding as the monsters that escaped the bus are like the evil versions of X-men. And the fact that Fish Mooney is controlling them doesn’t help either. We know that she is going to want revenge on Butch and Penguin so they have to make sure that they are going to look over their shoulders at every turn. What I am most interested in seeing is if the man who we all believe to be the Joker, Jerome, returns. He is one of the best parts of last season and I would love to see him return back to the show.

This season we have a lot of new faces as Jamie Chung (Once Upon a Time) joins the cast as a season regular as reporter Valarie Vale. She is going to be a thorn in the GCPD’s side as she is demanding the truth about what happened at Indian Hill. The show cast a new Poison Ivy (aka Ivy Pepper). Maggie Geha takes over the role as they tried to get an older version of the character.


In the season opener, titled ‘Better to Reign in Hell’, titled ‘Better to Reign in Hell’, Gordon works in a monster-ridden Gotham as a bounty hunger, seeking answers about the Indian Hill escapees and why their powers appear to be killing them.

The show starts off with a heartbreaker as Gordon discovers that Lee has moved on without him and is in a new relationship. He decides to let her go, at least for now, and returns back to Gotham. Though reluctant. He doesn’t want to return back to the force, and continues to hear it from Bullock. Gordon likes living outside the law and being a vigilante. I mean who wouldn’t like that kind of freedom.

Penguin begins the search for Mooney but it won’t be easy finding her. He enlists the help of the GCPD and Barbara and Tabitha to try and find her. He’s offering $1 million in exchange for her. Not chump change for the low lives of Gotham. What it will come down to will be where the loyalty lies. Penguin has other problems as well as Butch is making problems with him as he is trying to win Tabitha over.

What would one person do with $1 million? That’s a large question. One that Gordon wants. But I mean, who wouldn’t?


Bruce makes a stupid, and bold move as he tries to draw out the person responsible for Indian Hill. By doing that, he creates an enemy behind the real person that controls Waynes’ Enterprise. Selina is angry with Bruce for leaving her (of course she takes it personally) and while you know that she won’t admit it, she is going to help him if he needs her.

Selina has her own problems as she is neck deep in with Fish and her X-men of crazies. Like anyone who doesn’t have any other options, she goes with the one that can protect her the best. She thinks that Fish but her conscious continues to battle with her. Will she go against Mooney in the future or will she stay loyal to her? She’s got a choice on her hands especially considering Mooney tried to have her killed.

I for one am intrigued with this season so far. It looks like it’s going to be picking up right where the last season left off. There is a lot of twists and turns going on with this show as we hopefully start to get answers for all the stuff that is going on in Gotham. We get no answers in this first episode, except where Lee is. But we do get a whole mess of new questions. For starters, where is Strange? Will Fish make it out alive? Who is the person controlling Wayne Enterprise? Let’s strap in and get ready for what is going to be a crazy ride in season 3.

In the next episode, Penguin is stopping at nothing, even creating a war, to try and take down Fish Mooney. Meanwhile, she continues to search for Strange in hopes that he can cure her.

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