‘Gotham’ 3×2 – The city is in the hunt for Fish Mooney


In the last episode, Gordon tries to embrace the life of being a vigilante now that Lee has moved on. Fish begins her search to try and find Strange after we learn that every time she uses her powers, it weakens her. Bruce tries to figure out who it is that has been causing problems with him at Waynes Enterprises.

This week’s episode, titled ‘Burn the Witch’, Gordon races against Valarie Vale to try and find Fish Mooney, while Bruce makes a deal with the devil to try and save his life. Those Bruce is not the only one making deals as almost all the characters make some kind of deal this week.

Right off the bat we get an answer to a question that has been plaguing us since last season. Bruce meets the woman behind the mask. Her name is Catherine. He makes a deal with the devil as he offers to be a distraction for her in exchange for his life and for him trying to find out who killed his parents. Let’s face it, they are both lying.

Apparently we are playing “Let’s Make a Deal” this week as not only does Bruce make a deal, but so does Gordon. Gordon makes a deal with Valarie Vale. He promises to find Fish Mooney and he gets $1 million. But like what is going to happen to Bruce, Gordon gets played as Vale goes to the source without him. Now it’s going to be race to find Fish Mooney.


Now we understand why they had to recast Ivy. It’s because she’s aged to a young adult. With her new found age and attraction to the opposite sex, she is likely to gain some more confidence and become more of a power in Gotham than just a push over that she has been up until now.

Harvey makes a deal as well, though he’s not in his right mind when he does. Fish kidnaps him and has him bring her to where Strange is. She tries to make a deal with Strange because she wants him not only to make an army and obviously to hear her. When she is in the building, literally the whole city of Gotham comes out to her location to try and take her down.

Gordon makes a bold decision as he tries to double cross Fish. He makes a deal in order to save Bullock but also giving Fish over to Penguin. Penguin finally gets the answers he’s wanted from her. Starting with why she didn’t kill him on that bridge. She tells him it’s because while she is angry with him, she is a part of how he became the Penguin. Penguin returns the favor as he lets her go.

The show of course ends in a big cliffhanger as the Bruce lookalike runs into the original Bruce. The sexual tension between Gordon and Valarie overflows. And the best part is that Lee returns back to Gotham.

In the next episode, a new foe (looks like the Mad Hatter) finds its way into Gotham

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