‘Chicago PD’ 4×2 recap – the unit try and find a missing woman in the middle of a race war


In the season 4 opener, the season opens up with the unit trying to find out what happened to a young man who was working with narcotics to take down a drug dealer. Voight finds himself in trouble with IAB as they investigate the death of the man that killed Justin. We learn that with Lindsey’s help, he was able to clear his name. If you haven’t heard the news yet, it could be considered a spoiler so skip down if you don’t want to read the next paragraph.




Jon Seda, who plays Antonio Dawson, has chosen to take a role on a new show called Chicago Justice. It’s going to be another spin-off series for the city of Chicago. He is going to be a private investigator for the DA. This is bad news for Chicago PD because we will miss him but this will make for some good crossover episodes. The show is not going to be aired until mid-season which means that it’s going to be an epic mid-season finale as we say good-bye to Antonio.




This week’s episode, titled ‘Made a Wrong Turn’, a white woman is kidnapped and held hostage in a black ghetto and the unit has to try and figure out a way of getting her out without citing a war. The show has done these kinds of shows before where they talk about racial tension, but considering what is going on in the world today, it’s a topic that is going to be covered again because people don’t seem to get how deep it goes.

The show opens with Burgess and Tay working. They stumble on a few young guys stripping an abandoned car. It seems like nothing until they find a man, Nathan, bludgeoned on a nearby house with his wife Sarah missing. It’s going to be a hard case for the unit to solve because there are not going to be able to find people who want to talk.

When the unit finally find a lead, a man named Hudson, they figure out how Sarah and Nathan got to be in the neighborhood they were found. They were trying to buy heroin. Hudson claims that he never saw Sarah. Turns out that Nathan left her to go buy his drugs and that’s when Sarah got taken. With the help of Mouse, they are able to find her Fitbit, but all they find is a crime scene where Sarah was raped.


The unit are often times at war with the reporters, but sometimes reporters don’t know when to quit. In this case, they actually taped Sarah being kidnapped and instead of helping the police, they keep the video for themselves. It’s those types of people that give reporters a bad name. All trying to one up the other while a woman’s life hangs in the balance.

With the tape, they are able to find the man that kidnapped Sarah and where he is now keeping her. He is on the edge and trigger happy and with some quick thinking from Voight, they are able to save Sarah from being killed.

With Platt going above Tay’s commander’s, Focal’s, head, he is none too pleased with the fact that she did that. Platt knows that his ego and his pride is what brought him to the precinct because how dare Tay actually make a name for herself. Really, I mean, Tay shouldn’t have said no. What is wrong with her really? (sarcasm here if you didn’t recognize it).

As a side note, Mouse tells Halstead that he’s thinking about going back to the Rangers. Halstead of course is not at all happy because of what they went through to get over what happened after he left the Rangers. Halstead doesn’t want him to go, but you can see that there is something deeper going on with Mouse. He seems lost. Can the Rangers really help him?

In the next episode, Platt’s life is in endangered as she is the victim of a random attack, or is it random?

What did you think of the show?


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