‘Conviction’ 1×1 – The series opens up to the unit working a case about an All-American football player


In this hotly anticipated show, we follow a unit that was set up to try and investigate cases of potential wrongly convicted people. The show stars Marvel universe star Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter) as she leads the group, though not by desire. She gets blackmailed into leading the department which means she is none too happy about it and likely will make sure that it’s known. The show also stars Shawn Ashmore, fresh off appearing in X-men and The Following, who plays her number two Sam Spencer. The DA is played by Eddie Cahill who is known for his role on Friends and in the movie Miracle. With these stars it’s definitely going to draw in an audience, I for one was sold with Hayley Atwell and Shawn Ashmore. The concept is interesting enough and has all the makings of a lot of twists and surprising moments.

The season opener, shows Hayes being forced into starting the unit while trying her first case involves the unit looking into a man, named Odell Dwyer, who was accused of killing his girlfriend. He was an American boy and the fact that he is black, Hayes thinks that she can use that to their advantage to prove that he was wrongly convicted.

Right out of the gate, Hayes proves that she isn’t here to make friends and that she is only here to do her job. Maxine doesn’t trust Hayes as far as she can throw her so she is going to try and figure out why she’s here. Conner (Cahill) knows that Hayes has a lot going on and that she is not going to be all in the game. He asks Sam to keep an eye on her to make sure that she is doing her job and keeping up her side of the arrangement.


Each member of the unit try and find an angle to work to try and get him out. On the surface, it looks like the case was open and shut, but of course nothing is as it seems in cases like this. In order to clear out Odell’s name, they need to find the smoking gun. Literally. The only thing that can save him is to try and find the murder weapon. How they convicted without that is a mystery. Probably believe he tossed it.

While Hayes thinks that Odell did it, and the evidence is supporting that, Frankie (Manny Montana, Graceland) thinks that he is innocent and thinks that they are missing something. Him and Tess (Emily Kinney, Arrow) want to find the gun before they go balls to the walls and go full court press on proving he’s guilty.

There are deep problems with Hayes and her parents. She’s lived in a dark shadow of her family’s political life. Her father was a favorite president in the public eye. Her mom threatens her with jail time if she doesn’t clean up her act and while she wants to do best by her family, she knows deep down she will never have her mother’s approval.


With this new found desire to do right by Odell, Hayes takes over the case and becomes super lawyer as she works with Francine to try and talk to the cop that arrested him. To make matters worse, instead of helping them, he lights his notes on fire. This is going to be a common thing with these cases as lawyers, judges, and cops are not going to like that they are looking at their old cases.

Obviously, Hayes steps up to the plate and is able to find them a suspect in a family friend, Hector. Turns out that he had a mean streak and didn’t like the way that Anna spoke to him so he killed her with his girlfriend turning over his gun. The win boasts Hayes’s confidence and now she is going to stop and nothing to get justice for those who were convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.

In true How to Get Away with Murder fashion, the show revealed a whole lot of information in 30 seconds. Starting off with Frankie and the fact that he may or may not have a lover still in jail. Tess has a personal connection to this unit as it looks like she was directly involved with a case that someone got off because of DNA clearing their name after they got convicted. Francine gets her cop friend to retire after showing him proof that he destroyed evidence.

In this season, the unit will continue to try and get wrongly convicted people free or prove that they were in fact guilty. There is going to be a lot of backstabbing and it looks like it may and probably will come from Sam who is still working under Conner’s wing.

What did you think of the show?


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