‘Gotham’ 3×3 – Lee returns to Gotham as a new foe is introduced


In the last episode, Bruce makes a deal with the group that he was fighting to bring down while Gordon finds Fish to try and get that $1 million. Instead, she gets away with Hugo Strange which means she will

This week’s episode, titled ‘Look into my Eyes’, a new foe, seemingly the Mad Hatter but he calls himself the Magic Man, as he arrives in Gotham and begins his reign of terror in Gotham. He has an obsession with his sister named Alice, who is seemingly missing in his life. Meanwhile, Lee returns which will create problems for Gordon and Bruce tries to figure out what’s going on with his clone.

Barbara is fascinated with Jervis (Benedict Samuel, Secret City) and the fact that he can control people that he hypnotizes. This is not good news as we know anyone that she is fascinated with is going to create problems in Gotham. Though, he can do well enough on his own as he convinces one of the viewers of his show to kill his wife and himself so that he can get the house. He asks Gordon to help him find Alice.

Gordon being the amazing bounty hunter that he is, he finds Alice. It’s obvious that there is something going on with her and her poison blood. She is afraid of her brother, while we want to say why? We can figure out. Her brother is cuckoo.


The morning after is very awkward for Gordon as it’s obvious that Valarie is brushing him off. Gordon wants to see what else can happen but he doesn’t know what to make of her wanting to leave. It gets more crazy when he sees that Lee has returned and she has great news. She is returning with her new fiancée, who is a doctor at Gotham General. It gets even more awkward when he meets him in the hospital and they talk about Lee.

Bruce gets acquainted with his new clone. He seems like a tragic character but could he just be fooling them. He doesn’t feel pain and it’s obvious some bad stuff has happened to him. Question is, what? He starts learning Bruce’s mannerisms and cuts his hair to be more clone-like. It’s very much like Heathers. As the show ends it looks like Bruce is not the target. It’s Selina.

In other news, Penguin uses his new found popularity in Gotham as he tries to get them to vote for him as he runs against James for Mayor. James thinks that he has the upper hand but let’s be honest, Penguin can not be beat. He uses his new found power to release Nygma from the asylum. Meanwhile, Lee may find herself in trouble as her fiancée, Mario, is the son of Falcone.

In the next episode, Gordon tries to find and take out Jervis but it proves difficult as he is deep inside his brain.

What did you think of the show?


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