‘Law and Order: SVU’ 18×3 recap – the unit try and take down a conman


In the last episode, the unit releasing a man who was convicted a crime that he didn’t commit. But when another rape occurs that is similar, he becomes the number one suspect. The show quickly unravels as they have the argue the situation of what happens when people go into jail and how when they leave they have a hard time adjusting back into civilization. It was because he had a hard time with the fact that he was assaulted over and over again.

The show, titled ‘Imposter’, a man is accused of rape after lying to a woman about to get her in his bed. On the surface it’s one of those, pretty much everyone does that when they want to get with the other person, but this person takes it to a whole new level. When you see their relationship at the beginning, you see that she verbally consents but the issues lie with what happened in between.

Laura has a lot of skeletons in her closet and it looks like they are all going to come out. The number one suspect is also the outcry witness. It gets more interesting when we find out that the man who is pressuring her to have her son Justin to go to Hudson. And then dun…dun…dunnnn he’s really not the admission director at Hudson.

Insert the lying part of the game.

The man is using the name to try and make his way into the bed with parents who are trying to get their kids into Hudson. Fin brings up a lot of a good point and that everyone lies to have sex. But the difference is, is that this man was using the power of someone else to have sex with these women.

LAW & ORDER: SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT -- "Imposter" Episode 1803 -- (Photo by: Michael Parmelee/NBC)

They are able to find the man, whose name is Tom, and get this, he works in security. As if Hudson didn’t have enough stuff going on there. They catch Tom trying to get his next victim. Of course, he doesn’t feel guilty about what he is doing. In fact, he goes so far to write a book about his conquests. Barba likes this case as to help jumpstart a bill to pass a lie about people who pretend to be someone with power in order to get sex.

During the trial, things get into the gray area really fast. Barba knows that it’s going to be a long road for them because it’s going to be hard to convince the jury that this is a crime, by law’s standards. And it gets worse when the judge trying the case basically threatens Barba to dismiss the case. Obviously he doesn’t know Barba because Barba doesn’t give in to the threats and doesn’t like to be told what to do.

There is another wrinkle in the plan when the defense has a witness said that the victim knew that his name was Tom. Turns out that the man that took the videos and it looks like he was only going to testify for Tom in order to avoid going to jail. With the fact that the judge was going to take the case from the jury and overturn the verdict.

You would think that it was enough for this show that the man got away with what he did, but there is a pretzel of a twist at the end as Laura’s son commits suicide because of the shame and embarrassment that his mother caused her. And perhaps because of the pressure she put on him. Combo of both.

In personal news, Carisi may or may not be leaving SVU soon. He goes on an interview for the DA office in Brooklyn. Is he going to switch sides and go from the Law to the Order? Benson has problems of her own with Noah because he’s having problems with his speech.

In the next episode, a superstar athlete harbors a dark secret that will threaten everything that she is.

What did you think of the show?

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