‘Gotham’ 3×6 – The cat and mouse game between Jarvis and Gordon turns deadly


In the last episode, Gordon searches for Jarvis/Magic Man but it proves that he’s not the easiest man to take down. As that happens, Penguin continues to try and figure out how he can become the mayor and proves that he won’t stop at nothing until he gets what he wants.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Follow the White Rabbit’, Jarvis is out for blood and revenge as he tries to get back at Gordon for killing his sister. Meanwhile, Butch is outside the Penguin group and is willing to do anything that he can to get back at both him and Nygma for betraying him.

Right from the getgo, Jarvis begins his plan to try and get back at Gordon by kidnapping a newly married couple and a child. It’s going to be a cat and mouse game between him and Gordon as he tries to try and save the couple or the child before they are killed. Gordon has to make a choice between the two, and not so surprising that he chooses to save the kid. Which means the married couple plunged to their deaths.

In other, but related news, Gordon is struck with the difficulty of trying to keep his new woman, Valarie, away from Lee. She wants to get to the bottom of what’s going on with Alice and her blood. But that obsession gets her and Lee both in trouble. Though they get to have a little heart to heart about Alice and Gordon.


Gordon gets the answer that he is looking for and he has to ally himself with someone he doesn’t want to, Lee’s fiancé, as they both try and save Valarie and Lee. When it comes time for the ‘tea party’ Gordon has to choose between Valarie and Lee. Shocker right? In the end, he chooses to have ‘Lee’ show but we all know it’s because he knew he would shoot the opposite of who he chose.

Barnes is losing more and more control with the blood of Alice that runs through his blood. It makes you wonder how far he will fall and what will become of him when he gets there. Will he snap too far and fall down the rabbit hole.

The new mayor of Gotham, Penguin, is loving his new role and embracing it with all that he has. Nygma tries to help him stay on top but there is something budding between Penguin and Nygma or at least that’s what it seems like. What will happen if and when Penguin gets rejected. Nygma gets a blast from the past as he runs into a woman that looks just like Kristen and she is the basically the female version of him.

In the next episode, Jarvis continues his revenge plan on Gordon and brings him to a hallucination that involves Lee and Barbara.

What did you think of the show?


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