‘This is Us’ 1×6 recap – Randall wonders if he missed out on his calling


I will admit that I was a little reluctant to watch this show, as I am with all new shows really, but I am kicking myself for waiting a month to jump on this band wagon. This show has a lot of heart, drama, and is the new Parenthood. Each child has a whole mess of things that thye are working through based on the stuff that happened when they were kids. You would be hard-pressed to find someone in the show that you don’t relate to.

Let us dive in to this week’s episode. It’s titled, ‘Career Days’, Kate interviews for a new job while Kevin’s relationship with his co-star takes a turn. In the past, Rebecca and Jake struggle with what to do with Randall when they discover he’s gifted. It’s really no surprise with Randall. Having seen him in five episodes now, you could probably figure out that he’s a genius and it’s obviously not going to bode well for Kevin as he’s bound to get more jealous. Again, another no surprise, that things would escalate with him and the actress, I mean the sexual tension was just coming off in droves.

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Let’s see where this show takes us now.

Now for the present time.

It is career day for Randall’s kids and while it’s something that Randall is happy to do, he doesn’t take to the fact that they want William to do it. It has him thinking that he missed out on his real calling because his parents didn’t encourage him. So he decides to go after that dream. Turns out, he didn’t miss his calling. He is tone deaf and it was very painful to watch.

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— This Is Us (@NBCThisisUs) November 2, 2016

Kevin is struggling at his job and it creates conflict between him and the director. Olivia decides to throw him an olive branch as she sticks up for him and tries to get through to him. She takes him to a memorial service. While there, he remembers what it was like to lose his father and it helps him with the grieving scene and having sex with Olivia certainly helped him get into the character of David.

Kate goes on a job hunt and finds the perfect job with a woman, who runs a fundraiser organization, that needs an assistant. But she quickly sees that the reason may be because her daughter is also overweight. We learn that Kate and her mom have issues because Rebecca is skinny.

The show continues to be inspiring and amazing as it continues to touch on the intricate delicacy of our childhoods. Psychologists and Psychiatrists have studied the effects of childhoods on adulthood and this show explains just why it’s important. The things that happen with our parents dictate the adults we become.

In the next episode, there is something going on with Toby that may affect his relationship with Kate while Kevin and Randall come to blows.

What did you think of the show?

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