Belle meets Beast in new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trailer

It is finally upon us. The first officially footage of the upcoming live action Disney film Beauty and the Beast. (I am not counting that 10 seconds we see Emma Watson in the teaser). 

In this trailer, Belle (Emma Watson) finds her father (Kevin Kline) and trades places with him to be Beast’s (Dan Stevens) capture instead. There she sees there’s something that wasn’t there before (yes it is a line from the beloved song) and falls in love with him. Gaston (Luke Evans) is not to happy with this so he starts a riot and tries to get her back.

It’s a full synopsis of the movie that we see in the trailer and offers up a first look at a lot of the characters. The only major one we don’t see is Josh Gad as Lafou. Maybe next time.

We did get to see a lot of special effects, especially with the character that are not human and it looks like visually it’s going to be as stunning as Cinderella was. We didn’t get to see the music/singing side and that will ultimately decide how the audience reviews this movie. I know for me it will make or break it because the soundtrack for the animated film is one of the best Disney ever did.
Beauty and the Beast is set to come out March 17, 2017.

What did you think of the trailer?

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