‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ will make you laugh, cry, and demanding for more


When news broke that Amy Sherman-Palladino was rounding up the usual suspects and going to make a new season with the girls from Stars Hallow. The season that was left is one that I think that we would all like to forget (even the actors themselves). We saw a lot of things that happen that were out of character, but mainly Lorelei as she ends up marrying Chris and then divorcing him before ending the season back with Luke. I think I speak for everyone when this happened.

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This season, though, we get back to the world that we love. The charm and beauty that is Stars Hallow but with the many layers that we don’t get to see in the bigger picture. And it all starts with the three generations of women in Emily, Lorelei, and Rory. Lorelei still has some deep-seated resentment towards Emily and finally we get to that come to a head following Richard’s funeral (not a spoiler unless you read absolutely nothing about the revival). Each character is on a journey to find themselves and we get to see them do that over the course of four seasons/episodes.

Let’s dive in.

Winter is the first season up. It is a slow start to the episode and the revival. We reconnect with the character 10 years after the last show aired. Lorelei is still working at Dragonfly Inn and is struggling to find a new chef as Sookie is on sabbatical. Emily is trying to move on and deal with the lose of Richard and it forces her to do things that we (including Lorelei) have never seen before. Like Emily in jeans. She is looking for things that bring her joy, which is not much, but she does find it in Bertha, her new maid. She can’t understand her but she is charmed by her.

Who would have thunk?


Rory is rolling around the world working as a writer and trying to keep her job up. While for some, it may not be a great life to live, but it seems that she is happy. We see that is in a relationship with someone who she doesn’t like very much, let alone love.

Lorelei is dealing with her life at the inn and the death of her father. We see that the battle between Emily and Lorelei only gets more intense as Lorelei has word vomit as his funeral and makes things worse. Its this time that I start feeling for Emily on a more personal level. I could see where she is coming from and why there is resentment from her. While I love Lorelei as a character, the way she handled Richard’s death was not the best way and only made it worst for Emily.

As we move to Spring we see that each of the characters is having problems with their lives and where they fit into it. This is a common theme that we have seen throughout the show. Emily had this when she separated from Richard, Lorelei had it when she was debating buying the Dragonfly Inn, and Rory had it more then any as she went through her teens and young adulthood. Lorelei gets some bad news in this episode and forces her to see where her life is going.


It is during this episode that we have one of my favorite scenes/dialogue. It’s when Lorelei is thinking about her marriage to Christopher and how it was a ‘mistake’. The way that she talks about it makes me laugh because it’s definitely a point at that last scene that I talked about at the beginning of this. It’s like they knew that it shouldn’t have happened because it was always supposed to be Luke.

The summer is definitely my least favorite of all the episodes and it stems from the play that took place that just drone on and on. It was fifteen minutes of just watching two people, including a cameo from Sutton Foster (TV’s Younger). It took forever to end and was very hard to get into. It was a waste to have this in the episode and served no purpose in the show. They did earn points by the end of the show with the solo from Foster when she sung “Unbreakable”. It is a song that we can all relate to on some level and definitely one that sparks a change in Lorelei.

This show also holds the turning point in the show for the main characters. Emily starts to move on actively and that includes the DAR and finding what she wants in her life. Rory has a heading and begins working on a new project. And you are going to love it! That is until Lorelei rains on her parade. Yet another thing that made her lose points with me.


The revival ends in the Fall and it’s fitting because that is also my favorite season. Especially in New England. Lorelei finally finds herself and has answers to all the questions that have been plaguing her since the beginning of the revival. Emily finds something to be passionate about and makes strives to make it happen. Rory continues on her new project while she takes a trip down memory lane which include her three beaus, Dean, Jess, and Logan.

Overall, the revival was everything that we wanted and more. You will laugh, you will cry, and when the show ends, you will be cursing out Amy Sherman-Palladino. If you live under a rock, then you may not know that social media is blowing up with ‘the last four words’. It comes out of left field and it has you wanting more. I know that I need to know what happens next and the fact that it might not happen is going to give me anxiety.


There are a lot of cameos, the best ones include the ones from Lauren Graham’s last show, Parenthood. Peter Krause, Mae Whitman, and Jason Ritter. You might as well throw Melissa McCarthy in there since she is in only in one scene, but it’s going to be one of your favorite scenes. Paris (Liza Weil) is still amazing as Paris and steals the scenes that she is in with Rory. Michel is my favorite of the revival, but then he was one my favorites from the show.

The show is definitely an improvement from where they last left us. Like the original show, there are going to be scenes that may fall flat, but at the heart of it, you will fall back in love with the characters and want what is best for them. All that we need is more Gilmore Girls in the future so let’s get on that petition.

Rating: B

What did you think of the show?

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